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Setting the Standard

Georgia ASYD

Georgia’s afterschool and youth development programs provide thousands of youth – from kindergarten through high school – with safe and enriching environments in their time outside of the home and school. High quality afterschool and youth development programs can make important contributions to young people’s development and well being. To ensure that Georgia’s young people are equipped to thrive and succeed in their lives, our afterschool and youth development programs must provide environments and experiences that benefit youth socially, emotionally, and academically.

The Georgia Afterschool and Youth Development (ASYD) Initiative, a collaborative effort led by the Georgia Statewide Afterschool Network (GSAN) and GUIDE, Inc. The Georgia ASYD Initiative provides engaging and impactful professional learning opportunities, ASYD Quality Standards resources and bi-annual ASYD Conference all designed to improve quality in out-of-school/afterschool programming. The Georgia ASYD Quality Standards are a framework for providers to use to evaluate and continue improving the quality of their program. They are grounded in widely held and well-established understanding that children, youth and families benefit when programs increase their capacity to provide high quality programming. Additionally, they give us common language around what quality afterschool programming looks like.