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Keynote Speakers

Adam Fletcher
Author, Motivational Speaker & Educator

As an exciting, interactive and engaging speaker, Adam Fletcher brings a surprising expertise to the stage. Since he was a teen, Adam has been transforming the lives of people who want to change the world. Now he’s bringing his empowering message to YOU!

Growing up as a low-income border-crossing Canadian kid, Adam lived in diverse experiences across the middle of North America. Grasping the impact of his childhood when he was young, he became determined to help kids like him make a difference in their communities. After a decade as a community youth worker, he started a worldwide youth empowerment campaign called The Freechild Project.

Dr. Anita Krishnamurthi

Director of STEM Policy, Afterschool Alliance

Dr. Anita Krishnamurthi is the Vice President for STEM Policy at the Afterschool Alliance where she works to advance policies, research and strategic partnerships so afterschool providers can offer rich STEM education experiences for the children and youth in their afterschool programs.

An astronomer by training, Anita received her PhD from The Ohio State University and conducted her postdoctoral work at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Anita transitioned from a research career to one in science education and worked at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C., as a Program Officer in the Office on Public Understanding of Science. She then moved to NASA Headquarters as a Program Manager for the Science Mission Directorate’s education program and managed a wide array of space science education programs for NASA. Anita went on to become the Lead for Education and Public Outreach in the Astrophysics Division at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and led efforts to broaden the group’s focus to include informal science education programs. Anita joined the Afterschool Alliance in June 2010 to launch the organization’s STEM initiative as the first Director of STEM Policy after serving as the John Bahcall Public Policy Fellow for the American Astronomical Society.


Kevin Wanzer
Motivational Speaker & Author

Since 1983, Kevin has spoken in front of well over 3,000 audiences all over the world including 49 states, Canada, China, Europe and Singapore. He has been noted nationally as one of the most effective and entertaining speakers for corporations, organizations, schools, colleges and to audiences of adults who work with and empower the lives of youth. His program encourages audiences to discover their hidden passions, embrace diversity and celebrate the laughter in us all.

Kevin has been earning rave reviews for thirty years. Reaching audiences in refreshing ways is all he has ever known. At 8-year-old Kevin’s lemonade stand, passersby were treated to two types of refreshment: a cold cup of lemonade and hilarious, dead-on stand-up renditions of Steve Martin comedy routines. Decades later, the lemonade is long gone, as are the Martin routines. The refreshment, however, is still to be had. Early in his career, Kevin served on the staff of and appeared on Late Night with David Letterman. As a result of working with First Lady Nancy Reagan, President Ronald Reagan appointed Kevin to serve as a delegate to the White House Conference for a Drug Free America, on behalf of which he spoke at the United Nations. To this day, Kevin is still one of the youngest presidential appointees in American history. Kevin is the author of Choose to Love and a contributing author of six other titles.